"Batéké, les fétiches" by Alain Lecomte and Raoul Lehuard

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Paris, 1st September 2014

Parution de l'ouvrage

The Alain Lecomte gallery, Paris, has the pleasure to announce the presentation of the second part of Raoul Lehuard’s Bateke collection. Lehuard is the prolific author of an impressive collection of books on the Bakongos (Congo) and creator of the celebrated review “Arts d’Afrique Noire”.

This collection was in part amassed by Robert Lehuard, Raoul Lehuard’s father, who worked in Congo-Brazzaville between 1920 and 1930. These are important pieces, not in size, but the quality that emanates from them, evidenced by these “fetishes” that have remained intact since the time of collection in the early 20th century until today.

The collection of “fetishes” is equally as important historically and has remained at the Lehuard family home, having never been exhibited. These pieces will form part of the “Parcours des Mondes” exhibition at the Alain Lecomte gallery a quality exhibition matching that of the recent “Statuaire Babembé” and last year’s “Bakongo, les sifflets”.

A 300-page art book entitled “BATEKE. Les fétiches” will be published in English and French, featuring over 200 full-page photos. Co-authors: Alain Lecomte and Raoul Lehuard. Limited edition: 500 copies.

Tags: African Art, Books