"Bronze" at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

London, 1 October 2012

Bronze Ife Head Royal Academy of Arts

From 15 September to 9 December 2012 the Royal Academy of Arts will present “Bronze”, an exceptional exhibition showing the remarkable history of this medium.

The exhibition gathers previously unseen works, from the first use of bronze until our times, in an original scenography. This will be the first event dedicated to this medium on such a large scale, the pieces presenting almost 5,000 years of history. The exhibition will present over 150 bronze sculptures from Asia, Africa and Europe including some important discoveries and archaeological excavations as well. Many pieces were never presented in the United Kingdom.

The use of bronze in sculpture began in the third millenium B.C.. The technique’s basis did not change throughout the centuries: after preparing a wax model, one must fill it with a mixture containing clay, boil it until the wax melts away, then fill with bronze the empty space inside the form. The form has then only to be extracted from the mould. Even nowadays, this traditional method is still being used in some regions of the world, even if the techniques used in Western modern sculpture have drastically evolved. The Royal Academy of Arts’ new exhibition recalls this history.

Tags: Pre-Columbian Art, Asian Art, African Art, Exhibitions