The Hong Kong Museum of Art, a taste of East and West

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Hong Kong, 12 December 2012

Hong Kong Art Museum

The Honk Kong Museum of Art, created in 1962, celebrates this year its 50th anniversary and establishes itself as one of the major cultural institutions on the island. With 14,000 pieces displayed throughout 6,000 sqm, it offers a large overview of Chinese classical and modern art, as well as Western and contemporary creations.

Its rich permanent collections are divided into five departments: Chinese antiquities, Chinese fine art, Hong Kong art, historical paintings and the Xubaizhai Collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy. The historical collection of the museum was mainly donated by Paul Chater and Robert Hutong, prominent businessmen and players of the economic development of Hong Kong in the colonial era.

Sir Catchick Paul Chater (1846-1926), a British citizen awarded a title of nobleman in 1902, was a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council for over thirty years. Throughout his career, he gathered an important collection of historical paintings and engravings depicting the seafaring and colonial stories of the [.../...]

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Burke Museum awards $575,000 to support Native Art and Artists

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Seattle, 28 November 2012

Burke Museum of Seattle

The Burke Museum of Seattle will be able to support Native artists and arts organisations thanks to the generosity of the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation. The Burke Museum announced “Connections to Culture- Ressources for Native Art and Artists” as a new programme of the Bill Holm Center for the study of Northwest Coast Art.

Connections to culture will allow an expansion of the Bill Holm Center’s research grants program, which facilitates Native artist’s study of the arts and cultures of their ancestors. The grants will enable artists to study objects and archives in the Burke Museum’s collections, travel to other museums and pass their knowledge on through workshops held at the Burke Museum or other Native art organisation as well as in Native communities. Connections to Culture will also allow the Burke Museum to serve as a hub for the dissemination of this information, and create new digital resources that represent the breadth and depth of Pacific Northwest art traditions.

Burke Museum Executive Director Julie [.../...]

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$1,000 of reward for stolen California rock carvings

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Los Angeles, 26 November 2012


Artdaily informs that archaeologists offer a $1,000 reward for anyone possessing information susceptible to help the arrest of vandals who robbed and damaged ancient rock carvings made by Native Americans located in the California desert.

It appears the robbers vandalised an “irreplaceable part of our national cultural heritage”, as claim the authorities. That is even more striking when we realise that this rocks that had outlived bad weather conditions for ages ended up being hauled off within just a few hours.

Surveillance was increased and everything is being attempted in order to find the responsible parties and bring them before the court. Finding the petroglyphs, engraved 3,500 years ago, is a priority for archaeologists. This carved rocks are integral part of the history and heritage of American Indians. They are located on the sacred territory of the Paiute-Shoshone tribe, known as Volcanic Tableland, etched with circles, deers, snakes and hunters with bows and arrows.

Considering this situation archaeologists, such as David [.../...]

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Death of Michel Leveau, founder of the Musée Dapper

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Goré, 22 November 2012

Musée Dapper

The founder of the Musée Dapper in Paris, Michel Leveau, passed away last Wednesday, age 81. Michel Leveau was found dead at his friends’ house in Goré, Senegal, where he was working on new exhibitions. The Musée Dapper wishes not to comment the circumstances of his death.

Michel Leveau was born on 30 November 1930 in Paris. He was trained as en engineer at Polytechnique and the École des Mines and later joined the Corps des Mines. Before founding the Musée Dapper in 1986 – named after German 17th century humanist Olfert Dapper, author of a Description of Africa in 1668, a continent which he never visited. Michel Leveau worked in Africa, mainly in Mali as a consultant for the Ministry of Industry of Senegal from 1960 to 1963. Later he managed the company Comilog, exploiting manganese mines in Africa. In Goré, former centre of the slave trade, Michel Leveau, wanted to organise two exhibitions: the first dedicated to African masks and a second, titled “Memories” – a contemporary art study on slavery.

The Musée Dapper is [.../...]

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Noémie Bonnet appointed Executive Director of Asia Week New York

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

New York, 23 October 2012

Henry Howard-Sneyd, Chairman of Asia Week New York 2013, and Vice-Chairman of Sotheby’s Asian Arts, announced the appointment of Noémie Bonnet as Executive Director of Asia Week New York.

This yearly event takes place in March in New York and gathers over forty specialists of Asian art, auction houses, Asian first-rank museums and cultural institutions. The Asia Week New York 2013 will take place from 15 to 23 March 2013 and will welcome many lectures, exhibitions, Asian art pieces auctions. Many galleries will open especially on the occasion.

On occasion of the appointment of Noémie Bonnet as Executive Director of the event, Henry Howard-Sneyd declared: “We are delighted that Noémie Bonnet has joined the Asia Week New York team. The experience and dynamism she brings to the position of Executive Director is certain to further enhance our visibility and broaden our reach to new collectors.”

Noémie Bonnet expressed her enthusiasm about working with prominent specialists of Asian art, and as well her hope to develop the Asia Week New York in a more creative spirit. Noémie Bonnet distinguished herself as an experimented consultant for [.../...]

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"Fright Night" is back at the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Singapore, 22 October 2012

Asian Civilisations Museum

Every year the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore celebrates Halloween based on Asian legends and traditions, arranging them in a dramatic and spectacular way during “Fright Night at ACM”. On 27 October from 5 pm. to 1 am. people are invited to visit the Museum haunted by frightening figures and Asian ghouls of all kinds. Guests will attend a theatrical procession which explores myths of after-life and related rituals of hell and purgatory.

A series of short films will be presented in the auditorium. “MJ12: Kronik” inspired by the popular radio programme “Misteri Jam 12″, diffused on Ria 89.7 FM will present all of the most popular fantoms among Asian public.

Kids will not be forgotten – make-up, masks-making, traditional Indonesian puppets as well as sweets and ice creams will be offered.

Visitors will come in disguise and compete for the prize for the best Halloween costume… if they manage to defeat those of Pontianaks, Langsuirs, Pochongs and Kumkums – as far as traditional Indonesian or [.../...]

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"L'Art vu par le Syndicat National des Antiquaires" cultural cycle is still on

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Paris, 8 October 2012

Syndicat National des Antiquaires

The SNA (Syndicat National des Antiquaires-National Antiquarians Syndicate) is continuing its cultural cycle titled “L’Art vu par le Syndicat National des Antiquaires”, opened on 9 January 2012. Among 26 disciplines presented, the public is offered lectures and workshops led by experts, curators and professionals (part of the SNA or not).

For its first edition, this cultural cycle is a reflection on the main issues of the art market. According to Jean-Gabriel Peyre, vice-president of the SNA, “L’Art vu par le S.N.A.” is intended for people willing to develop their artistic culture, choosing between 26 disciplines to create their own program.” It is above all a way to awaken the curiosity of people willing to extend their knowledge of the art market, get familiarised with the expertise criteria and valuation of an arwork.

October will focus mainly on Asian art, with lectures about Chinese archeology and collections of Chinese ancient bronze. 15 and 16 October will be devoted to Chinese and Asian china as [.../...]

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Chinese treasures coming to Melbourne in 2015

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Melbourne, 17 September 2012

An important collection of the Palace museum of Beijing will come to Melbourne thanks to a recent agreement signed by Arts Secretary of State Ted Baillieu.

The Secretary has indeed left Australia for China, on Sunday 16 September, with a 600 persons delegation in order to visit thirteen cities.

This agreement signed between the National Gallery of Victoria and the Palace museum is the first step in a cultural rapprochement between China and Australia.

The exhibition of the Chinese treasures will be held in a more than 1.100 square meters space, and focus on the Qianlong dynasty.

The Palace museum of China attracts each year 14 M of visitors and gather more than 1.8 M art works, some of them 5.000 years old.

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The Civilisation and War Museums put online websites adapted to mobile devices

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Gatineau, 17 September 2012

The Canadian Museum of Civilisation and War Museum have launched a website with a new version adapted to mobile devices.

There is no doubt the yearly almost two million visitors of the Museums will benefit from these new apps. They are in fact every day more prone to use smartphones or tablets to get info about museums, especially since there are many among them who are not living in the city.

Users can now use a simplified interface and through a very intuitive tactile navigation get access to different sections and categories in the museums website. Details regarding the exhibitions planning and various events are also accessible to all. The two websites give also directions on how to reach them from the place the visitor is in.

The creation of such websites goes together with the 2.8 million visitors who checked them last year. The amount of mobile users was then 10%, and destined to rise fast from now on.

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News from the Tribal Art Society

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Brussels, 10 September 2012

Tribal Art Society

Tribal Art Society (TAS) is an association of traders, which expertise is internationally recognised, who, since June 2011, proposes through a website the sale of tribal art objects. The members subscription at TAS is made by invitation. It is offered only to traders specialised in tribal art and who are attending to the most relevant events and fairs.

Works are published and renewed at the beginning of each month. Objects are shown under different sights with a complete description and name and address of the trader to contact. To guarantee the authenticity of the objects presented on the website, they are validated by a team of experts, members of the most accredited valuation companies. Collectors can decide and buy with complete confidence. Buyers have seven days after delivery to return the object in case they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. This website which aim is mainly commercial is also keen into updating its members with collectors interviews and press releases.

In its second year, Tribal Art [.../...]

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