Laurent Grasso or vibrant Earth energy

As autumn gets underway, Laurent Grasso is returning to the Galerie Perrotin with “OttO”, an exhibition which reveals the mysteries of Aboriginal sacred land, through objects and a film going by the same name. The artist has shared with AMA the issues underlying his practice: between the visible and the invisible, the scientific and the sacred…

A Steiner machine, sculptures in hypnotic forms, glass spheres… These are some of the different objects associated with Laurent Grasso’s new film, OttO, now showing in France for the first time. In this work, the artist continues his work on representing the intangible, and his research on aesthetic, fictional and poetic variations on scientific mythologies, theories or utopias… Explanations follow.

Your new – and second – exhibition at the Galerie Perrotin refers to Aboriginal culture. What prompted your interest in this area?

In 2018, I was invited to take part in the Biennale of Sydney, and planned to undertake a local project for it. I’ve always been interested in the culture of this people, their relationship to the cosmos and the invisible, in the Earth’s imperceptible vibrations, of which [.../...]

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