News from the Tribal Art Society

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Brussels, 10 September 2012

Tribal Art Society

Tribal Art Society (TAS) is an association of traders, which expertise is internationally recognised, who, since June 2011, proposes through a website the sale of tribal art objects. The members subscription at TAS is made by invitation. It is offered only to traders specialised in tribal art and who are attending to the most relevant events and fairs.

Works are published and renewed at the beginning of each month. Objects are shown under different sights with a complete description and name and address of the trader to contact. To guarantee the authenticity of the objects presented on the website, they are validated by a team of experts, members of the most accredited valuation companies. Collectors can decide and buy with complete confidence. Buyers have seven days after delivery to return the object in case they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. This website which aim is mainly commercial is also keen into updating its members with collectors interviews and press releases.

In its second year, Tribal Art [.../...]

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San Francisco to host third Arts and Artifacts of the Americas auction

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

San Francisco, 13 August 2012

Bonhams announces its third annual Arts and Artifacts of the Americas auction, which will take place 10 September in San Francisco.

A selection of 150 lots from the Robert “Trader Bob” Bayuk collection will include Native American art, with a focus on basketry from California, the Southwest and the Northwest. The highlight of this collection is a Tubatulabul polychrome bottleneck basket (estimate $1,500-$2,500). The collection will also include Southwest jewellery, Pueblo pottery and items from the Plains and Northwest Coast, valued from $500 to $2,500.

The Nancy Sue and Judson C. Ball collection will be represented by more than 40 lots consisting of mostly Hopi kachina dolls, estimated between $500 and $2,500. There will also be an emphasis on jewellery, with more than 50 pieces available, primarily from the Navajo and Zuni tribes of the Southwest, one in particular prices estimated at $600-$800.

Finally, there will be 50 lots of Pre-Columbian art and artifacts representing several private collections, valued from $500 to $4,000. A Jalisco seated couple from western Mexico which dates 100 BC-250 AD is estimated between $3,000-5,000.

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The Nancy Sue and Judson C. Ball collection of Native American Art comes to Bonhams New York

By Artkhade

New York, 18 April 2012

Kachina Doll

Bonhams is pleased to announce The Nancy Sue and Judson C. Ball Collection of Native American Art auction taking place on May 14. The Balls' enthusiasm for and knowledge of Native American culture is apparent in the excellent and diverse collection they have assembled over several decades. Three distinct sections of the Ball collection are represented in the auction: kachina dolls, Southwest baskets and weavings, and New Mexican religious art, to be offered along with a handful of Northwest Coast and other items. Each section is an exploration of culture and evidence of a great passion for collecting.

Leading the auction is an unprecedented compilation of fine kachina dolls from the late 1890s through the 1960s, ranging in pre-sale estimates of $1,000-1,500 to $15,000-25,000. This is the largest selection of antique and semi-antique dolls to ever come up for auction. The Balls' avidly collected Hopi and Zuni katsina (variant of kachina) since the 1970s, with Judson Balls' interest starting as a child in the 1950s when he visited a Hopi [.../...]

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Bonhams to hold three June Native American Art auctions featuring collections of rare art and photography from Robert "Trader Bob" Bayuk, G. Lorenzo Fritz and various other owners

By Artkhade

San Francisco, 11 April 2012

Native American Art

Bonhams is excited to announce it will hold three auctions of Native American Art, June 4-5, in San Francisco: The Robert "Trader Bob" Bayuk Collection of Native American Art, The G. Lorenzo Fritz Collection of Historic Native American Photographs and a various owners sale of Fine Native American Art. The auctions cumulatively will feature about 500 lots of rare art and artefacts for a range of collecting levels.

From the Robert "Trader Bob" Bayuk Collection, June 4, will come a most important collection of Native American basketry. The star lot of the Collection is a major degikup, or ceremonial style basket by the most famous of weavers, Dat So La Lee, a Washo woman from the Lake Tahoe area of Northern California (est. $100,000-150,000). The impeccably woven basket is one of only about 40 important, larger examples that Dat So La Lee ever made. Most of these are currently in museums and this is an incredible opportunity for a collector to own one.

Also of great importance in the Collection is an unprecedented offering of [.../...]

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Florence Loeb’s collection on sale at Sotheby’s Paris

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Paris, 23 February 2012

Sotheby’s auction house has announced in a press release the sale of a collection by Florence Loeb (1929-2011). Entitled “Sources et Affinités”, the sale reunites a group of illustrations and books by Antonin Artaud as well Loeb’s personal collection of African, Oceanic, and Native American art, most of which had been inherited from her father, Pierre Loeb. The dispersal of objects and drawings will take place 5 April 2012, or three days after the Salon du Dessin ends, a Parisian exhibition which displays contemporary art every two years.

In addition to leaving such a large collection to his daughter, Pierre Loeb also fostered within her a passion for exotic cultures. Two years after the death of Antonin Artaud in 1946, Florence met the poet and artist from Marseille who would change her life forever.

The sale brings together 97 works estimated between €1.7 and 2.4 million. The headlining piece is a self-portrait by Artaud dated 16 December 1946, estimated between €500,000 and 700,000. Also being presented is a portrait of Florence Loeb done by Artaud and three versions of a text by him : Van Gogh, le suicidé de la société. [.../...]

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Three records set at Keno Auctions

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

New York, 25 January 2012

Keno, the young auction house, recorded three American Art records on 17 January as part of their “Americana Week” in New York.

The sale consisted of two separate parts: the first featured American paintings, furniture and decorative art, the other was made up of the Peter Brahms collection, considered one of the most significant collections of Native American art in the Woodlands style, principally comprising of service tools sculpted from wood. 80% of the objects put up for sale found a buyer, with the sale reaching a total of $3.6 million, some $300,000 more than the highest estimate.

Three records were set during the auction:

$632,400 for lot no75, a sculpted and painted chest belonging to the Drake Family. $347,200 for lot no80, a painted and gilded card table, believed to have been made by Boston ébéniste (cabinet-maker), Thomas Seymour (1778-1848) $89,900 for lot no346, a maple ladle in the shape of a lynx. This exquisitely crafted piece is the only example of its genre. The next sale to take place at Keno Auctions is planned for the 15 May 2012.

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African, Oceanic and North American Art break records at Christie’s Paris

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Paris, 13 December 2011

African and Oceanic Art was honoured at Christie’s Paris on 13 December. Both sales organised on the same day received a total of €4.5 million and four world records were broken.

The star lot of the auction was a Fon lion from Benin, acquired for €1 million (with charges), after being estimated at €200,000 (without charge), which makes this the highest bid for a Fon sculpture to ever be presented on the market. African, Oceanic and North American art collectors and amateurs were gathered at the event and fiercely competed for the highest estimated lots, for their rarity and their quality. Another highlight of the auction was a Fang N’gil mask from Cameroon, acquired for €931,000 (estimated at €600,000). Also, a pair of Yorouba statuettes from Nigeria has exceeded Christie’s expectations by far, reaching €385,000 (low estimation of €80,000). Records were established for a Northwest Coast Tlingit mask sold for €277,000 (estimated at €50,000), as well as a Bamana, Jonyeleni, Mali statuette sold for €229,000 and a New Ireland Malagan mask sold for €205,000, four times its low estimate.

This section received its best [.../...]

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Parcours des mondes, interview with Bernard Dulon

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Paris, 9 September 2011


From 7 to 11 September, the most recent edition of Parcours des mondes is taking place in Saint–Germain–des–Prés in Paris. It is the biggest event dedicated to tribal art in the world. This year, 64 traders came from all over the world to exhibit exceptional collections that had been put together just for the occasion. Two days after its opening, Artkhade with Art Media Agency met with Bernard Dulon, one of the most recognised dealers in tribal art, to discover the event’s organisation and get feedback on how things are going since it opened.

  • How is the 2011 edition going so far?

Bernard Dulon: Yet again this year, the Parcours des mondes has been met with great success, with many visitors frequenting the fair. Regarding the business side of things, the enterprise generated is clear and we have already sold several items in the gallery and by telephone.

  • So you have already sold some works?

B. D.: Yes and no. The Parcours is obviously an occasion to talk about our [.../...]

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Wereldmuseum to sell its collections

By Artkhade with Art Media Agency

Rotterdam, 19 August 2011

The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam has announced that a part of its collections will be up for sale, in order to face the country’s budget cuts which will come into effect in 2013. Out of the €700 million originally supplied to Culture, the Dutch government will now only donate €200 million. The museums will have to take into consideration these future budgetary cuts and find other ways to finance themselves.

Speaking to Reuters, Stanley Bremer, director of the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, declared: “If you are alert to the situation in Europe, you can see there could be a problem in five or six years’ time. So either we can sit back or we can make a plan and our plan is to raise money to be as self–sufficient as possible.”

The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam is planning to sell its entire African and American collections and will only keep the top pieces in the rest of its collection. As a result of these decisions, a certain controversy has been sparked: Sweden’s patrimony could end up in foreign hands.

What’s more, it is difficult to know when exactly the pieces will go under the hammer. According to Bremer, only the top pieces will [.../...]

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