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The Tribal Art Market 2000-2015

152 pages - A4 format

To learn all you need to know about the tribal art market, we have the pleasure to offer you the Artkhade and Art Media Agency's report on the state of the market over the last 15 years.

Over the years, the figures show a steady rise in the genre's total sales revenue, which skyrocketed from €13.7M in 2001 to €92.1M in 2014. The average sale price of a lot sold at auction rose accordingly, from €20,828 in 2001 to €30,000 in early 2012. The report aslo indicates an increase in the number of unsold lots, noting that "over fifteen years, the rise in prices has led to a more discerning collector profile". It also reveals that African objects are the ones most prized by collectors, ahead of those from Oceania. Nevertheless, this genre only represents 0.68% of the total auction house market. There is excellent news for France, too; the country retains its title as the global capital of tribal art, beating New York in terms of not only sales revenue but also sheer sales volumes.

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152 pages of texts illustrated and of original graphics. French and English versions.

1. General Results: A sector that has been growing for over fiteen years....despite its small size.

2. Results by actor: Sotheby's conquers the upper market - The strategy of the "Upper Market"- The leverage of an upper market strategy: securing the most prestigious collections - Eloquent numbers - Paris or New York? - Distrust of others and market sharing.

3. Geographic results: Is Paris ahead of New York? Is New York catching up to Paris? - Tribal Arts, a singular french prominence.

4. Impact of the Origin: Africa ahead of Oceania - Africa and Oceania: a refined and growing interest - Why the genuine interest in Africa?

5. Interviews: Joaquin Pecci (Dealer in Brussels) - Stanislas Gokelaere (Collector/European Consultant at Christie's Paris) - Liz Lees (Producer of the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show).

6. Top 50 Africa.
7. Top 50 Oceania.

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The Tribal Art Market 2000-2015
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