Rapport Artkhade 2023

12 pages - A4 PDF publication


2021 was spectacular. 2022 is a return to moderation. A tribal art market that stabilises, without excess.

"€60m. The figure seems almost reassuring. After the excess of 2021, with its total sales figure of €107.6m, the international Tribal Art market is back to its pre-crisis level (it was €76.3m in 2018 and €58.5m in 2019 before collapsing to €32.1m in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic). This upward trajectory, marked in 2021 by an unconfined euphoria and the historic sale of Michel Périnet's collection - which achieved a total of €66m at auction, representing 61.4% of annual global turnover alone - has stabilised with the number of lots down by a quarter (6,690 lots were offered at public sales this year) and an average price per artwork of €13,755, down slightly by 19%." (...)